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Contact Person : Ravikanth
43/19, Aziz Mulk 1st Street,
1st Floor, Thousand Lights - 06
Mobile : 9840028691

About Us

Business Profile: 
Since its founding in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India  in 1996, Texas Medical System has become the leading supplier of  Self expandable Peripheral Stents,  Ureteric Metallic Stents, Oesophageal stents, Billiary stents,  Double Pigtail stents, Wire guides, Multiligators, IVC Filters, Vascular stents, retrival forceps , embolizations coils etc.

Annual Sales: Rp.8-10 Crores.
Total Employees: 10.
Employees at This Location: 10.

Company News:
“Texas Medical Systems presently growing into manifolds With market conditions expected to see record demands in numerous cities throughout India over the next ten years.

Industry Information:   Leading Supply chain management for Life Saving medical accessories.
Proprietor -                  P. Ravi Kant,               98400 28691.
Associate Proprietor-  P. Chowdry,                98405 30954.

Primary Line of Business:
Life Saving Medical Disposables dealing with the following SBU’s of Parent Company.
COOK India Medical Devices Pvt Ltd, Direct Subsidiary of  COOK Medical Incorporated. USA Ortho rehabilitation aids.

Management Directory:
Barry Thomas, Vice President- Asia Pacific- COOK  Inc.